Stuffies brings the retail stuff-a-bear entertainment experience to your party! YAY!

As parents, we understand the need for the perfect kids' party therefore good entertainment is vital! If you book Stuffies, we have a 100% guarantee that your guests will have a blast and will be talking about your event for months. We find it essential to bring smiles with our unique stuff-a-bear experience.

We offer Unicorns, Bears, Tigers, Dogs, Cats, Elephants, Sloths, Lions, Monkeys, Dinosaurs, and so much more which can be easily customized!

After a stuffy is chosen, children insert a heart for love and a star for wishful stuffy talents. The stuffy will then be filled with our innovative and entertaining mobile stuffing machine. Once the stuffy is built, it is time to name it, and fill out your Stuffies certificate. From our luxury packages below, additional stuffy accessories are available.

To book Stuffies fill out the Contact Us form and we will return your inquiry within 48 hours.

Contact us for your next event: Kids Birthday Party's, Baptisms, Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, Sleep Overs, Fundraisers, School Events, Corporate Events, Award Banquets, and Holiday Party's.

We offer a clean, safe, and aesthetically appealing display with various custom packages.

Servicing Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and all of Long Island.